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What are the Benefits of a Sauna?

Here you can learn all about the benefits of having your own sauna. It isn't just physical health benefits they provide but also mental, financial, social and meny other benefits you can find out here

Sauna Benefits

Our Sauna Categories

Welcome to our outdoor sauna catergories, where customisation meets relaxation. step into a world of possibilities as you browse through various models, select your preferred size, and choose from a range of quality wood options. What sets us apart is the ability to taylor your sauna experience.

From the aesthetics to functionality, you have the power to decide. Select the perfect colour that complements your outdoor space, and fine-tune details such as the oven type, window size, and door material to match your preferences. Our goal is to create a sauna that not only meets your needs but reflects your individual style.

Choose a sauna that resonates with you, where every detail is a reflection of your unique vision for tranquility and well-being. Embrace the luxury of customization and elevate your outdoor living experience with a sauna that was made just for you.

What we do at FeelWell

Here at feelWell we offer prducts built by MandeSpa a trusted manufacture in the UK and Europe. Our saunas are custom built to order and are prebuilt and ready to install when they are delivered. We offer a wide range of outdoor saunas, in different shapes and sizes, from traditional barrel saunas to luxury saunas with a shower in the anteroom, you can customise your saunas by choosing the colour, the wood type, you can upgrade the oven to which we offer Harvia upgrades and tailor the sauna to how you would like it. Our saunas are built with the finest materials available using spruce wood, thermo wood or fir wood, linden wood for the beds tempered glass windows and doors and many other additions.

Indulge in the luxury of a custom built outdoor sauna to enjoy in your very own garden, tailored to your unique preferences. Our artisans specialise in creating personalized sanctuaries, ensuring your sauna aligns seamlessly with your vision. Additions and modifications can be chosen by you in our wide list when choosing a product, allowing you to tailor it to suit your desires. Experience the epitome of relaxation in a handcrafted haven that reflects your individual style, where every element is curated with precision and care. Elevate your outdoor oasis with a sauna designed exclusively for you.

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Most Popular Saunas

View our best selling range of outdoor saunas, choose from the saunas that are most popular with like minded people who want to experience the relaxation and benefits of owning your own sauna.

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