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What are the Benefits of Hot Tubs?

Hot tubs offer a wide variety of benefits, including multiple health benefits, social benefits, financial benefits, as well as aesthetic benefits and more. click the link here to read more about these benefits.

Hot Tub Benefits

Our Hot Tub Categories

Welcome to our outdoor hot tub categories, where customisation meets relaxation. Dive into a world of possibilities as you explore various models, select your preferred size, and choose from a range of quality materials. What sets us apart is the ability to tailor your hot tub experience.

From the aesthetics to functionality, you have the power to decide. Choose the perfect colour that complements your outdoor space, and fine-tune details such as the oven style type, lighting arrangements, and cover material to match your preferences. Our goal is to create a hot tub that not only meets your needs but reflects your individual style.

Select a hot tub that resonates with you, where every detail is a reflection of your unique vision for serenity and well-being. Embrace the luxury of customisation and elevate your outdoor living experience with a hot tub that was made just for you.

Below you can view our hot tub categories by wood type and customise the rest.

therma wood round hot tub with integrated oven

Thermo Wood

Thermo Wood is thermally modified wood, which undergoes thermal treatment to improve durability and stability, Benefits are, increased stability, Enhanced durability, improved weather resistance, aesthetics, environmentally friendly and reduced maintenance, all these benefits make thermo wood a very popular choice for outdoor application

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spruce wood round hot tub with external oven

Spruce Wood

Spruce wood comes from spruce trees and is commonly used in construction and woodworking due to its straight grain and light color. It's often employed in various applications, including furniture, flooring, and framing.

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wpc plastic round hot tub with external oven

WPC Plastic

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. It's a material made from a combination of wood fibers or flour and thermoplastics, often recycled. WPC is known for its durability, low maintenance, and resistance to moisture and insects. It's commonly used in outdoor decking, fencing, and other construction applications. Benefits of WPC Plastic are its durability, low maintenance, environmentally friendly, moisture resistance, versatility, long lifespan, colour and texture options and reduced deforsitation

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What we do at FeelWell

Here at feelWell, we offer premium hot tubs crafted by MandeSpa, a trusted manufacturer in the UK and Europe. Our hot tubs are custom-built to order and arrive prebuilt, ready for installation. Explore our diverse range of outdoor hot tubs, from classic circular designs to a squares design. Customise your hot tub by selecting colors, wood types, and upgrade options, including an electric heater, multiple lighting options, head rests and many more additionas.

Immerse yourself in the opulence of a personalised outdoor hot tub, tailored to your garden oasis. Our skilled artisans specialise in creating bespoke retreats, ensuring your hot tub perfectly aligns with your vision. Choose from a variety of enhancements and modifications in our extensive selection, allowing you to shape the hot tub to match your desires. Experience the pinnacle of relaxation in a meticulously crafted haven that mirrors your unique style, where every detail is executed with precision. Transform your outdoor space with a hot tub exclusively designed for your indulgence.

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Most Popular Hot Tubs

View here our list of best selling outdoor hot tubs chosen and purchased by our clients. Our clients all ways have common ground and that is having the need to relax, enjoy their garden and reap the benefits of owning a hot tub.

Popular Hot Tubs